About Guitar Lessons Cambridge

About Guitar Lessons Cambridge

Welcome to Guitar Lessons Cambridge. My name is Josh Burke and I am a very experienced musician and guitar teacher with a strong background in playing both acoustic and electric guitar. Alongside playing the guitar, I also have a background in drums, piano, and quite a few other instruments, giving me all the skills required to properly help you with problems like rhythm and your understanding of notes and basic theory.

I like to approach teaching guitar in a way that provides you with not only the knowledge of how a guitar works and how to structure the sounds it produces but also in a way that makes you thoroughly enjoy playing it. I absolutely believe that there is no set in stone way in which you have to do things when it comes to learning the guitar, and that instead, the best way to help you improve is to nurture the way you find easiest to play, and offer up new ideas when you are finding something more challenging.

I am a mobile teacher, so I will travel to you for our lessons, whether you have never picked up a guitar before or you already have some experience and simply want to keep on improving. In addition, I have a full DBS certificate for your peace of mind. To book your first lesson, or to simply find out more about my guitar lessons don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing info@guitarlessonscambridge.com or calling 01223 901235.

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Professional Guitar Lessons | Prices: £27 p/h | DBS Checked | Electric & Acoustic Guitar | Mobile Teacher